22 – Gary Johnson


After a looooooong hiatus, we’re back to talk about third-party candidate Gary Johnson.


Gary’s official website

Campaign logo

McCain’s 2008 logo

Gary Johnson non-scary photo archive


Background on “Live Free or Die”

Gary Johnson on Facebook

Gary Johnson on Twitter

Gary Johnson on Instagram

Daniel’s recommendation: @Persol on Instagram

Jordan’s recommendation: Bikini Body Workout


21 – Talkin’ Tittles With Tad


Get ready, oh faithful listeners, for the special podcasting event of the millennium! That’s right, genius developer and C.C. superfan Tad is here, and after this episode none of us will be the same.


What the hell is Gopher?

What the double hell is a moneybomb?

A cool 3D web experience.

Bernie’s Briefs

Bob Dole 1996 campaign website

Bill Clinton 1996 campaign website

Jordan’s recommendation: Veep

Tad’s recommendation: http://ArtCopyCode.com

Daniel’s recommendations: The Message and Limetown

20 – Logo Throwdown!

Time for a LOGO THROWDOWN! On this episode, Daniel and Jordan each choose (and defend) their top three 2016 campaign logos.


The Onion: Podcaster Makes Solemn Promise To Improve Sound Quality Next Episode

Ben Carson’s (new) logo

Martin O’Malley’s logo

Martin O’Malley’s square logo

Carly For America logo (Okay, so we made a slight error and got this Super PAC logo mixed up with Carly’s official logo. We blame this Politico article. But the rest of the critique stands.)

Rand Paul’s logo

Hillary Clinton’s logo

Carly Fiorina goes Back to the Future (or at least her Super PAC does. Thanks for that error, Vice News.)

19 – C.C. and L.L.


On this episode, New Jersey accents. Also, Chris Christie and Lawrence Lessig.


NY Times 2016 Presidential Candidates overview

@CampaignPod on Twitter

Chris Christie’s campaign logo

Chris Christie campaign website

Chris Christie on Twitter

Lawrence Lessig’s campaign logo

Lawrence Lessig campaign website

Lawrence Lessig on Twitter

Daniel’s Recommendation: Amazon Prime TV ad

Jordan’s Recommendation: The Allison Show

18 – Bobby, John, and Two Jims


On this quadruple candidate spectacular, we talk Bobby, John, Jim, and Jim. Plus, we throw-in six additional bonus critiques because we’re drunk with power.


Bobby Jindal





John Kasich


Nathan For You




Jim Webb





Jim Gilmore




Lythos Studios on Twitter


Creative picks

Miyamoto explains the design of Super Mario world 1-1

Jordan’s Taylor-Swift-ticket-winning video

16 – Trump

The hair is here— let’s talk Trump.


Donald Trump’s official WWE profile

Campaign Logo

Trump Entertainment Logo

Reagan’s 1980 Campaign Button

Don Jon on IMDB

Campaign Website

@realDonaldTrump on Twitter

@realDonaldTrump on Instagram

Official Facebook page

Official YouTube account


Jordan’s recommendation: Marriage is Funny podcast

Daniel’s recommendation: Star Wars land announced for Disney Parks

15 – Jeb Bush

Who’s that Bush? Who’s that Bush? It’s Jeb!

Text us, tweet us, if you want to reach us.


Jeb Bush Logo

Jeb Bush campaign button from 1994


@JebBush on Twitter

Jeb Bush campaign Twitter battle with Hillary Clinton campaign

Jeb Bush campaign Facebook

Jeb Bush campaign Instagram

Jeb Bush’s LinkedIn profile

Daniel’s Recommendation: Lore podcast

Jordan’s Recommendation: Design Milk

14 – Rick Perry

Where’s Perry? In this episode, we talk about the 2016 Presidential campaign of Rick Perry.


Rick Perry Campaign Logo

Campaign Website

@GovernorPerry on Twitter

Rick Perry’s Facebook page

@GovernorPerry on Instagram

Pastor Rick Perry on Instagram

Official YouTube channel

Daniel’s Recommendation: @OldSpice on Instagram

Jordan’s Recommendation: Type Everything