12 – Lindsey Graham

On this episode: Teddy Grahams, Golden Grahams, Lindsey Grahams.


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11 – Martin O’Malley


On this episode: the man, the myth, the leprechaun: Mister Martin O’Malley.

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9 – Rick Santorum


Rick Santorum has once again thrown his hat into the presidential ring, and we talk all about the creative behind his campaign.

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Mitt Romney’s First Name is Mittens?

Santorum’s SEO Problem


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Morgan Freeman inhales helium

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8 – Mike Huckabee


Let’s talk about hopeful Mike Huckabee, shall we?


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“I Like Ike” extremely catchy campaign ad.

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7 – Carly Fiorina

On this episode, Republican candidate Carly Fiorina.


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Don’t miss this insane demonic sheep campaign ad.

6 – Ben Carson

On this episode, we discuss the presidential campaign of the most handsome man in the world: Dr. Ben Carson.


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Diaeresis (two tittle) accent

What is the shape of Cuba?

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The great web “hamburger” menu debate

Pokemon status conditions

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Seth Myers at the 2011 Whitehouse Correspondents’ Dinner.

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Pet shaming

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Taylor Swift does in fact run her own Instagram.

Gifted Hands on Netflix

The Running Man dance

The Carlton

The Gilmore Guys podcast

Violet Beauregarde on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

5 – Bernie Sanders


On this episode, we examine the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.

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Marco Rubio’s Pawn Stars Birthday

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Bernard from “The Santa Claus”

Bernie Madoff

What is a ponzi scheme?

Weekend at Bernie’s on IMDB

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“Your Mama says ‘you ugly!’”

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Episode 4 – Marco Rubio

Thanks for listening to Episode 4, where we discuss the campaign of Marco Rubio.

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Episode 3 – Hillary Clinton


On this episode, we discuss the campaign of the one, the only, Hillary Clinton.

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